Confartigianato Sicilia corso di formazione per fotografi

Wedding photographers, a day of training and updating
Sixty professionals at the event of Nikon and Confartigianato Sicilia

An afternoon of professional updating dedicated to matrimonial photography. It was organized by Nikon in collaboration with Confartigianato Sicilia, which promoted the training day for its members.

Today, sixty Sicilian photographers met in Palermo, at the headquarters of Confartigianato Sicilia. The photographer Emanuele Carpenzano leads the professionals.
The event, the Nikon Wedding Advanced Campus, is a collector of ideas, a place for comparison and constant updating on the photographic profession and on business management. The goal is to build or reinvent the professional photographer’s work approach.

The NWAC is an itinerant event, with stops in different regions of Italy. The ten-day tour started in June. The lessons take place in the local Confartigianato offices of the cities identified by the organizers.

“We wanted to take this opportunity – says the president of Confartigianato Sicilia, Filippo Ribisi – to give an opportunity to our photographers. Offer, thanks to the training event organized by Nikon, the possibility of a professional update to those involved in weddings. And the answer was good. Today, 60 photographers from all over Sicily have arrived in our headquarters “.

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